This project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey


CONTRACT NUMBER: 2018-3-TR01-KA105-061161

APPLICANT INSTUTION: OMU Project and Innovation Youth Group




PROJECT PARTNER COUNTRIES: Turkey (Hosting Country),


PROJECT TARGET AUDIENCE: Youth leaders and youth workers in our partner organizations (3 participants from each country)



The project “Either Innovate or Disappear” aims to contribute to the development of innovative and innovative individuals by increasing the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people and youth workers on the basis of the aim of the Information Economy.

Innovation is a concept that covers the entire process of transforming information into quality products or services. At the end of the innovation, excellence increases.

Ideality is described as;

Ideality = ΣTotal useful effects / ΣTotal harmful effects

As a result of the innovation, it is necessary to increase the beneficial effects or reduce the harmful effects on the product or service. According to this definition, there is no limit to ideality and every day people are demanding more ideality. For this reason, non-governmental organizations that do not innovate and the volunteers of these organizations disappear within a short period of time. In summary, in our age the main element of competition is innovation.

Almost all of the courses in the schools are aimed only transferring information to the students. The Investigation- Development activities at postgraduate training or research centers also provide us high-level information on innovation capacity. Courses including the innovative methods required to transform this information into a product or a service in a variety of ways are rarely taught or never taught in formal education.

It is particularly useful to remind Finland’s former Prime Minister, Esko AHO saying “The Investigation- Development activities are to transform the Euros to the knowledge, whereas the Innovation is to convert the knowledge back to Euros”

Today we see that 80% of the patents received are taken with secondary school information. According to the fact that the production of information and transportation is The aim of the Project facilitated, the issue we need to focus on is undoubtedly Innovation. For this reason, the goal of the project is to contribute to the voluntary work of the European youth in the name of society by increasing their creativity and innovation capacities.

Some innovative methods in our project will be transferred to the participants through nonformal education. The European Commission’s “Expert Group Report” entitled “Developing the creative and innovative potential of young people through non-formal learning in ways that are relevant to employability” places a strong emphasis on the importance of this issue.

The project include general, social and cultural topics and eight innovative methodologies. Within the scope of the first category, there are general, social and cultural issues, general information about the project, welcoming, acquaintance, integration activities, project expectations, creativity development activities, European citizenship, national agency (Erasmus +), information about youthpass, technical and cultural trip activities etc. In the second category; Brainstorming, Creative Problem Solving Techniques, Morphological Analysis, Biomimicry, Mind Mapping, Six Hats, Social Network Analysis and Fishbone methods will be covered. The basic features of these methods will try to be transferred to the participants with interactive methods and practices based on the problems encountered by the young people. The past activities carried out in Europe for young people and Youth Centers in Turkey will be discussed in a panel discussion which will be held at Atakum Youth Center.

All activities and trainings will be conducted both practically and interactively, including both individual and group activities. All activities in these categories will be performed in a blended fashion so that participants are not bored. Increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of youth workers and youth leaders who will guide these young people in our partner institutions in achieving basic skills in creating and sustaining resources, creating innovation, risk taking and social change for our young people who have not been actively involved in the project in our project It was targeted.

Our project is between 18 to 23 August 2019. It will be held in Turkey consisting of 27 youth worker participants from Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania. 12 of these participants were individuals with limited opportunities.

With our project youth workers:

* Will be able to put forward the concept and types of innovation; gain knowledge about innovation management (adoption and dissemination of innovations in business life).

* Will improve personal development and innovation skills,

* Will adopt a science-based, systematic and methodological approach to the problems they face while performing their own profession,

* Understand the importance of innovation as the only way to commercialize information


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