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Country  : Bulgaria

Describtion of Energizer :On a random chance the participants are divided into several pairs.  In every pair, first, one of them closes their eyes and the other one hold them to the hands and walk them through the obstacles withouth bumping their partner in them or in another person. After 1-2 minutes they change roles and the other one leads. After another couple of minutes all the participants make a long human chain and everyone's eyes are closed except the leader's ones. He leads the group wherever he wants and he need to be slow enough so nobody torn the chain. Leaders of course can be switched during the game.


Country: Portugal

Description of Energizer : 

1. Tell people they will be following simple commands. The first two: When you say “walk” they will start walking around the space. When you say “stop,” they will stop where they are.

2. Call out “Walk.” Then “stop.” And repeat as desired.

3. Next, tell everyone you are going to switch those two commands. Now when you say “stop” they should start walking and when you say “walk” they should stop walking.

4. Call out “Stop.” Then “Walk.” And repeat as desired.

5. Next, let them know you’re adding two more commands. When you say “Name” they say their name out loud, when you say “Clap” they clap once. The other two commands stay the same, so “Walk” means stop, “Stop” means walk, “Name” means say your name, and “Clap” means clap.

6. Call out a combination of “Walk,” “Stop,” “Name,” and “Clap.” Repeat as desired.

7. Finally, let them know you’re switching the last two commands. So “Walk” means stop, “Stop” means walk, “Name” means clap, and “Clap” means say your name. Repeat as desired.

8. More combination of words can be added if necessary


Country : France

 This is a 2 times x 5-minute jolt activity that enables the participants to explore what makes a task highly motivating.


1- To better know the group members

2- To facilitate the communication in the group

3- To identify factors related to the excitement of a task For example: the hidden word is HAPPY

Materials: Five large cards with these letters written in bold block letters: AHPPY.




✓ Ask five people from the first row to come to the front of the room and stand in a straight line facing the audience.

✓ Distribute the letter cards, one to each participant.

✓ Ask each person to hold her letter card above her head, so the audience can read it easily.

✓ Explain that the letters spell a five-letter English word.

✓ Ask members of the audience to call out directions to the letter holders to rearrange them to in the correct order to spell the word. (Examples: One of the people with the letter H, please move to the beginning of the word. The person with the letter Y, move to the end.)

✓ Ask the letter holders to follow the directions from the audience. Give some hints to speed up the process, if necessary.

✓ When the word is correctly formed, ask everyone to read it aloud at the count of three.

✓ Thank the letter holders, collect the cards, and send them back to their seats.

✓ Lead a round of applause for the entire group for rapidly solving the anagram.